Bear Mountain Bridge | New York State, Map & Facts

The Bear Mountain Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Hudson River in New York State, USA. It connects the towns of Bear Mountain and Cortlandt in Westchester County with Bear Mountain State Park and the village of Highland Falls in Orange County.

Bear Mountain Bridge
Bear Mountain Bridge

Here are some key details about the Bear Mountain Bridge:

1. Construction

The bridge was designed by David B. Steinman and was built by the McClintic-Marshall Company. It was completed in 1924 and opened to vehicular traffic on November 27 of that year.

2. Type

The Bear Mountain Bridge is a suspension bridge, which means it is supported by cables suspended from towers. It has a main span of 1,632 feet (497 meters), making it one of the longest suspension bridges in the United States at the time of its completion.

3. Location

The bridge is situated in the scenic Hudson Highlands, offering beautiful views of the Hudson River and the surrounding landscape.

4. Historic Significance

The Bear Mountain Bridge is historically significant as it played a role in the development of the region and helped promote tourism in the Hudson Valley area.

5. Tolls

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there were tolls for crossing the Bear Mountain Bridge. However, toll rates can change over time, so it's advisable to check the most current toll information if you plan to use the bridge.

6. Bear Mountain State Park

The bridge provides access to Bear Mountain State Park, a popular recreational area that offers hiking trails, picnic areas, a zoo, and other outdoor activities.

Bear Mountain Bridge Map