Mykines Island | Faroe Islands, Denmark, Map & Facts

Mykines Island is a small island in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is known for its stunning natural beauty and unique birdlife, mainly its puffin colonies.

Mykines Island
Mykines Island

Here are some key features and information about Mykines Island:

1. Location

Mykines is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Norway. It is the westernmost of the Faroe Islands.

2. Size

Mykines is a relatively small island, measuring about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in length and less than 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) at its widest point.

3. Puffin Colonies

One of the main attractions of Mykines is its puffin colonies. The island is home to thousands of puffins, and visitors can observe these charming seabirds during the summer months. The best time to see puffins on Mykines is typically from May to August.

4. Lighthouse

Mykines is also known for its picturesque lighthouse, which is located at the westernmost point of the island. The lighthouse, built in 1909, is a popular hiking destination and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Hiking

The island offers several hiking trails that provide opportunities to explore its rugged terrain, cliffs, and bird cliffs. The hike to the lighthouse is a popular choice for visitors, and there are other scenic routes on the island as well.

6. Accessibility

Mykines is accessible by ferry from the nearby island of VĂ¡gar. However, ferry schedules can be limited, so planning your visit in advance is a good idea.

7. Weather

The weather on Mykines can be quite variable, known for its foggy conditions. Visitors should be prepared for changing weather patterns and bring appropriate clothing.

8. Conservation

Due to its significance as a breeding ground for puffins and other seabirds, Mykines is subject to conservation efforts to protect its fragile ecosystem. Visitors are encouraged to follow guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment and wildlife.

9. Accommodation

There are limited accommodation options on Mykines, including guesthouses and cottages. It's advisable to book accommodations well in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.

10. Isolation

Mykines is a remote and tranquil island, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and natural escape.

Visiting Mykines is a unique experience for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and those who appreciate the unspoiled beauty of the Faroe Islands. The island's rugged landscapes and abundant birdlife make it a memorable destination for travelers interested in outdoor activities and wildlife observation.

Mykines Island Map