Neist Point Lighthouse | Isle of Skye in Scotland, Map & Facts

Neist Point Lighthouse is a prominent lighthouse located on the western coast of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It is one of the most famous and photographed lighthouses in Scotland due to its dramatic location on a rugged cliff overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean.

Neist Point Lighthouse
Neist Point Lighthouse

Here are some key facts about Neist Point Lighthouse:

1. Location

Neist Point is situated on the Duirinish peninsula on the Isle of Skye, which is part of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland.

2. History

The lighthouse was first established in 1909 and was automated in 1990. It was built to aid ships navigating the treacherous waters around Skye's western coast.

3. Design

The lighthouse tower is made of white-painted concrete and stands at a height of 43 meters (141 feet). It emits a continuous white light with a red sector to warn ships of the nearby rocks.

4. Accessibility

Neist Point Lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction and can be reached by a well-maintained path from the nearest car park. The path provides stunning views of the surrounding cliffs and coastline.

5. Scenic Views

In addition to the lighthouse itself, Neist Point offers breathtaking panoramic views of the cliffs, the sea, and the Outer Hebrides on a clear day. It's a popular spot for photographers and hikers.

6. Wildlife

The area around Neist Point is also known for its wildlife, including seabirds like gannets and puffins, as well as the possibility of spotting seals and dolphins in the waters below.

Visiting Neist Point Lighthouse is a memorable experience, and it's a must-see destination for those exploring the natural beauty of the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Neist Point Lighthouse Map